The Activate academy

a 6 month immersion into your business + brand



…To be FULLY support as you expand your life and business by someone who’s been EXACTLY where you are?

…To have a rock solid foundation and strategy to consistently bring in income?

…To mastermind with a group of like-minded soul sisters who are changing the trajectory of their family and creating lasting legacy just like you?

Let’s cut through the noise…

I remember banging my head against the wall after having bought yet another online course that promised to take me to the next level only to complete all of the modules and find that I was still nowhere near my goals.

I kept thinking the next course I found with the catchy sales page and the promises of a new business and life would actually be the ONE that did it. And while I learned A LOT through each course, NONE of them took me to a new level.

And each time I completed them I had a few more skills, but I was left even more confused and overwhelmed.

And then one day I decided enough was enough and instead of buying the courses and e-books, I would just start trying things out. I hired a coach to help me decipher between all of the noise and I just started serving my clients the way I knew how. The way that deep down in my soul I wanted to.

And guess what? Things started changing and the clients kept coming.

And most importantly I started trusting myself and building the confidence that I actually KNEW already what I needed to do.

In the past 3 years and after serving many clients I realized that patterns were starting to emerge and most of my clients were struggling with the same thing: overwhelm, lack of clarity and lack of confidence.

And so I developed the Activate Academy, but I didn’t want it to be just like every other course. This is a hybrid experience of an online course, 1:1 deep strategy and the collective mastermind energy.

This isn’t just another course to drop a ton of knowledge on you and not give you the actual tools to implement them. No, this is a FULL immersion into your business and brand.

don’t just take it from me though,
here’s what alumni are saying…


“Not only did Kari understand who I was, she had lived a life and gone through experiences very similar to mine. I felt safe being vulnerable and knew she could help me, even though I didn't know what that meant at the time. Trusting and opening up, allowed her to give me direction and guidance that I so desperately needed. I would still be sitting in a place of overwhelm without her showing me the steps I needed to take and making me accountable for my actions, both personal and in business.”

Alli Baldocchi - Author, Coach, Autism Advocate and Mama of 3


“Kari has helped me work on my own personal self so that I could confidently step into the role that I was born to do. Having a mentor that is a few steps ahead of me, who has been in the trenches, and understands the mindset and setbacks as a working mother, is EVERYTHING! Through the breakthroughs and struggles, Kari has been a listening ear and a motivator who is constantly reminding me to hold true to my core beliefs and keep going.This experience has taken me so far and it's only just the beginning!”

Katie Dragos - Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Growth Coach and Mama of 2


“Kari's Academy gave me the exact and simple lessons I needed to create a solid foundation for the business I wanted to start. Kari held belief in me so that I could keep moving forward even when I doubted myself. The combination of the business acumen and soul support was exactly what I needed to be able to start my own business.”

Hannah Johnson - Founder of Nourished Parenting, Founder of SD Mothers Milk Bank and Mama of 2.


After these 6 months you will have a clear and defined strategy and will have built an ecosystem to support it that includes….

  • Creating and refining your mission / vision and brand ethos aka your North Star! 

  • Creating your offer (defining what problem you solve and at what price)!

  • Identifying who your ideal client is with a clear strategy on how to fill your audience with your ideal clients so that when the doors open for business you have people ready and excited to hire you!

  • How to create the next step in your ideal clients experience to truly support their evolution and create customers for life! 

  • How to Brand yourself by identifying your "knowables" and creating content calendars and a clear content strategy so you aren't spinning your wheel and wasting your time.



  • SIX (6) private 60 min 1:1 strategy sessions with Kari so that we can dig into your business and find IMMENSE clarity and ensure you are on the path to success and out of your own way. ($3000 value)

  • TWELVE (12) group coaching calls on a bi-weekly cadence with the other members of the group so that you can lean in on a consistent basis and learn from the collective knowledge. ($4000 value)

  • Lifetime access to the Activate Academy modules and worksheets in the member hub. ($2500 value) so that you can get the most up to date evolution of the course and bonus content!

  • An exclusive and exceptional online community for daily interaction and support in-between calls so that you can lean in in real time and get support in between calls.

  • Bonus Teachings from industry thought leaders. ($1000+ value)

  • VIP Ticket to Kari’s live event (and any workshop she hosts) in Carlsbad, CA in January 2020. ($1600 value)

    and so much more!