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a 6 month immersion into your business + brand

Being around inspired, visionary and creative people who are living their truth is one of the single best things that I’ve done to transform my business and my life.

We weren’t created to do life alone so why would we think we should build our businesses alone?
Why wouldn’t we leverage the learnings, the knowledge and the networks of people who align with our values?
Why wouldn’t we lean into the collective to grow our businesses and ourselves?

I already felt so alone as a Mom to 3 babies under 3 and as my business started to grow I just couldn’t fathom trying to grow and scale 2 businesses with 3 babies without any help. And so I joined a tribe. I found peers and a coach who I knew I could lean into. I wasn’t alone anymore and this reverberated throughout my business and my life. And that mastermind ultimately helped me in creating an internal and external ecosystem that supports my desire to be a present parent and have a successful business.

And the feedback from my 1:1 clients and Academy students was the same.

So I created The Activate Mastermind Experience.

This is a 6 month immersion into your business and brand. A 1:1 mentorship experience coupled with group coaching, workshops, live events and a luscious retreat that will create the space for you to truly focus on your business, lean on the collective energy and knowledge of your peers and ultimately allow your vision to come through in the most aligned way imaginable.


what comes with this 6 month experience?

  • SIX (6) private 1:1 strategy sessions with Kari so that we can dig deep into your business and find IMMENSE clarity and ensure you are on the path to success and out of your own way. ($4000 value)

  • 1:1 Voxer support for real-time conversation and support in between strategy sessions so that you can lean in as necessary. ($3000+ value)

  • SIX (6) group coaching calls and an exclusive online community for daily interaction the other members of the group so that you can lean in on a consistent basis and learn from the collective knowledge. ($1800 value)

  • Lifetime access to the Activate Academy modules and worksheets in the member hub so that you can consistently gain clarity as your business evolves. ($2500 value)

  • Bonus Teachings from industry thought leaders. ($1000+ value)

  • VIP ticket to the 2 day Activate Academy Live workshop in Carlsbad, CA in November 2019 so that we can come together in community and workshop your business in -person. VIP ticket includes speaker dinner and priority seating. ($2000 value)

  • Exclusive and luscious weekend retreat in Los Angeles, CA in September 2019 so that you can fully immerse yourself your business. (entire cost of lodging and food is covered - $4000 value)

  • Branding photos from Katherine Elaine Photography so that you have content for website, social media and all other channels. ($1000 value)

and so much more!

over $19,000 WORTH OF VALUE!


I take this work very seriously and am consistently working to create and curate a space for my clients that best supports them and their expansion. Because of this I am asking that anyone interest in joining the mastermind, please fill out the application by clicking the link below. The application does not in any way act as a contract and there is no cost to apply. Once the application is filled out, you will then be sent a link to book a call with me. The application is for screening purposes only as I want to ensure this is the right fit for both of us!

Once we chat and ensure it’s the right fit and you are accepted into The Mastermind we will then move forward with contract and payment.

Cost details and all questions will be answered in our discovery call process.